Flowers and Plant Forms - Colour

Freesias, Grey Space
Hollyhock lV
Anemones and Yellow Bunch
Two Pink Tulips with Radiating Leaves
Irises and Lilies
Kroma: Rhododendrons and Catkins
Purple Crocus, Half Open and Orange Centre
Red Lily with Gentina and Purple Stalk
Petunia, Kapweed and Gentina
Three Rose Hips, Single Stem on Blue
Magenta and Purple Anemones with Two Rosehips
Golden Gerbera with Scarlet Anemone, Iris and Rosehip
Drooping Gerbera with Iris, Red Leaf and Floating Anemone
Summer Medley
Summer Blooms
Sunflower and Amaryllis on Blue
Three Tulips on Orange
Winter Sunflower and Purple Anemone I
Two Red Tulips with Green, Blue and Purple Leaf Shapes
Lilies, Irises and Carnations

Nerys is well known for the small, intensely-coloured works of her later years, in which types of flowers are simplified and depicted singly or in simple combinations, often against dark backgrounds. These works were preceded by a decade or more of stylistic experimentation, when colour and shape were pitched against each other in a variety of compositions and structures. Colour juxtapositions veered from the delicate to the bold. In all cases, the background – whether pale, dark, or wallpaper-like stripes – served to define and emphasize the form in front of it. Bridget Riley once said that Nerys had ‘absolute judgment’ when it came to colour, and this is fully reflected in the images here and elsewhere on this website.

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The greetings cards and prints are excellent examples of Nerys’s late work, notable for its simplicity, bold approach to design and imaginative and intense use of colour.

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