Flowers and Plant Forms - Black & White

Daisy II
Three Gerberas
Sunflower Wrapped in Chiffon
Wilting Sunflowers
Two Sunflowers II
Two Sunflowers I
Irises and Lilies
Autumn Flowers
Tulip and Dying Lilies
Blooms and Leaves
Two Chrysanthemums
Dancing Bloom
Poppy Seed Heads, Dahlia, Echinops and Astromeria

Nerys was drawn to flowers for their colours, but she also explored their lines and shapes in black and white. In the early 1990s, in particular, she applied herself to drawing, and for a time exhibited mainly large, energetic charcoal drawings of tangled vegetation and flowers. Whether using charcoal, burin on an etching plate, ink and brush or quill pen, drawing was always an intensely expressive activity, as well as an important discipline. Bold black lines were sometimes applied to colour paintings, seemingly to enhance a composition which had veered too close to prettiness. Working in black and white often alternated with work in colour, forming an integral part of the process of exploration and discovery at the heart of Nerys’ art.

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The greetings cards and prints are excellent examples of Nerys’s late work, notable for its simplicity, bold approach to design and imaginative and intense use of colour.

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