Buildings & Landscapes

Abstract Landscape I

Nerys’s paintings of the built environment are an extension of her interest in landscape, but this theme appeared in her work only in the mid-1990s. In the visits to Venice in 1994 and 1996, she had limited access to the many private gardens in the city, so her usual subjects of plants and flowers were largely unavailable. However, colour and decay were all around her in strange angles and peeling plaster. Her desire to paint within Durham Cathedral in the winter of 1994/95 was stimulated in part by her friend Birtley Aris, whose painting of Durham Cathedral looking east along the north aisle (1987) had long hung in her flat.

Landscape was a recurring theme in Nerys’s work, beginning with the bleak infinities of her early work, moving to a pastoral-like intimacy in pastel drawings of the 1970s and 1980s, and ending with an almost greedy grasp of space during the few occasions in the 1990s when she was able to work outdoors.

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The greetings cards and prints are excellent examples of Nerys’s late work, notable for its simplicity, bold approach to design and imaginative and intense use of colour.

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