Early Work

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow
Blue, Red, Green, Yellow
Boulders V
Boulders IV
Boulders III
Boulders II
Boulders I
Convex Shapes III
Convex Shapes I
Convex Shapes II
Interlocking Shapes
Lemon Yellow and Black
Interlocking Forms
Colliding Forms
Still Life with Mandolin
Abstracted Standing Figures
Yellow, Blue, Orange
Organic Conflation
Conflating Forms
Green, Blue and Black

Nerys’s paintings of the 1960s and 1970s were vigorous, mostly large-scale, abstracts, which showed the influence of her study of abstract art at university, and were the starting point of her life-long experimentation with the qualities of colour, shape and structure.

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The greetings cards and prints are excellent examples of Nerys’s late work, notable for its simplicity, bold approach to design and imaginative and intense use of colour.

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