Selected exhibitions in recent years

September - November 2017: '101 Years of British Art; 1916-2016', at Gallagher and Turner Gallery, Newcastle, included several late flower paintings.

July - September, 2017: 'In Bloom', at Gallagher and Turner Gallery, Newcastle, brought together four artists whose work examines botanical subjects. It included a group of flower paintings by Nerys from 1998-2001. The works sold included those below.
March-July 2016: Hestercombe Gallery, Taunton, included the painting Three purple tulips with multi-leaf spray in the exhibition 'Terrain: Land into Art', chosen from the Arts Council Collection.
July-August 2014: An exhibition of 34 paintings, depicting flowers and vegetation in colour, was held at Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff. The works sold included those below.
January-June 2012: An exhibition at the Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate, of best loved works from its collection, included three paintings by Nerys (below): Fiery Lilies (& Dark Carnations), 1993; Red/yellow tulip, deep purple ground, 1998; and Poppy on blue ground I, 1999.
Fiery Lilies (& Dark Carnations), 1993, by Nerys Johnson Red/yellow tulip, deep purple ground, 1998, by Nerys Johnson Poppy on blue ground I, 1999, by Nerys Johnson

April-May 2012: an exhibition of 31 works, depicting flowers and plants, was held at Tegfryn Gallery, Menai Bridge (North Wales). The exhibition - 'Nerys Johnson - Another Language II' – was curated with Martin Tinney in this (his second) Gallery, which also specializes in leading Welsh-born or Welsh-based artists. The works sold included those below:

June-September 2011: to mark the 10th anniversary of Nerys’s death, the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, exhibited a group of her works and several sketchbooks, from its permanent collection. These were displayed alongside works by Howard Hodgkin, which included a large print, purchased with support from the NJCA Fund (see details under NJCA Fund).

June 2011: an exhibition of 36 works, mainly of flowers and plants - 'Nerys Johnson - Another Language' - was held at the Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff, which specializes in leading Welsh-born or Welsh-based artists. The works sold included those below:
Soul of Artichoke, 1992, by Nerys Johnson Streptacarpus on orange, 1998, by Nerys Johnson Pink anthurium, mistletoe and gerberas on black/lemon, 1999 by Nerys Johnson Two pink tulips with orange and blue leaves on indigo, 2000 by Nerys Johnson Homage: two poppy seed heads, carthamus and blue delphinium, 2000 by Nerys Johnson White Dutch iris and blue & copper pansies (black/purple ground), 2000 by Nerys Johnson Magenta petunias with mauve sweet pea and yellow coreopsis, 2000 by Nerys Johnson Nasturtiums and pink hollyhock with echinops on indigo, 2000 by Nerys Johnson Monbretia, petunia, margeurita and marigold on deep blue/purple, 2000 by Nerys Johnson Christmas Azalea with lime leaves, 2001 by Nerys Johnson

March-May 2011: a major exhibition - ‘Nerys Johnson - Flower Imagery Over Time’ - was mounted at the DLI Museum & Art Gallery, Durham, to mark the tenth anniversary of Nerys’s death. Covering a period of over 30 years, it showed both continuity and change in Nerys’s approach to her subject matter, through particular flower types which recur in her work. Gladioli, lilies, sunflowers and tulips were depicted in various media: drawings in charcoal and ink, watercolours, etchings and oil, as well as the later glorious paintings in gouache. Most of the works were shown in public for the first time. A few were on loan from public collections and private collectors, but most were for sale, the proceeds going – as always - to the Nerys Johnson Contemporary Art Fund. The exhibition was well attended, with visitors coming from all over the country. Works sold at the exhibition included those depicted below:
Tulip Bloom II, 1974, by Nerys Johnson Untitled: tulips, chives, lilies, daffodils on light blue, 1993, by Nerys Johnson Amaryllis, gladioli and chrysanthemum by Nerys Johnson Pink and purple tulips with blue leaf by Nerys Johnson Sunflower (on red) and Iris and Blue Leaf on Indigo by Nerys Johnson Open Tulips with Viridian and Royal Blue Leaves, 1999, by Nerys Johnson Pouting pink tulip and delphinium by Nerys Johnson Open Tulip (red/yellow) with Irish and Blue Leaf by Nerys Johnson Two cream-edged Tulips with Blue and Purple wavy lines by Nerys Johnson Sunflower and delphinium I (one and a half blue stars), 2001, by Nerys Johnson
Royalist under Wraps, 1999, by Nerys Johnson January-April 2011: an exhibition at Hartlepool Art Gallery, 'John McCracken – His Work and Influence', included two of Nerys's paintings: Royalist under Wraps, 1994 (right), bought by the Gallery in 2001, and Mother and Daughter, 1992 (left), loaned by the Estate.Mother and Daughter, 1992, by Nerys Johnson These works were shown alongside works by Frank Auerbach, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, and others. John McCracken (1936-82) was a friend and colleague of Nerys's. He was an artist, a gifted poet, jazz musician and an Art lecturer.

Untitled: Tyne Bridges at Night, 1996, by Nerys Johnson September 2009-September 2010: an exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery, ‘Newcastle Reinvented: Views Over the Ages’, included Tyne Bridges at Night (illustrated right), a work donated by the Estate to the Tyne & Wear Museums collection. It is one of a dozen paintings by Nerys of the riverside at Newcastle, commissioned in 1996, as part of Visual Arts UK (a year-long celebration of art and artists from the North of England). Visual Arts UK was partly sponsored by Air UK, which chose one of Nerys's paintings for its 1997 calendar.

Maroon tulip with apricot hyacinth & blue clematis, 2001, by Nerys Johnson April - June 2010: an exhibition at Falmouth Art Gallery, 'Mixed Bunch', included the picture Maroon tulip with apricot hyacinth and blue clematis (illustrated left), which the Gallery had acquired. It was Nerys's last work, painted on 28 May 2001, two weeks before she died. Falmouth Art Gallery was the first to receive a grant from the Fund.

April - June 2010: 'The Secret Garden', an exhibition inspired by Frances Hodgson Burnett's 1910 classic children's novel, held at the Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate, included three paintings by Nerys from the Gallery's collection.

May 2010: 'From the Garden', an exhibition in two parts with paintings and drawings from the last decade, mainly of plants and flowers: Part 1 was held at Broughton House Gallery, Cambridge, and Part 2 in a private studio in London. Both exhibitions were well attended, indicating continued interest in Nerys's work. Works sold included the five illustrated below:
Untitled: lilies, poppy seed heads & gladioli, 1993, by Nerys Johnson Garden doorway, Dorsoduro, 1994, by Nerys Johnson (IJ) Untitled: lilies blooming & dying on blue, 1995, by Nerys Johnson (BHG) Untitled: Purple Heart Tulip, Blue & Green Leaf on Pink, 1998, by Nerys Johnson Hollyhock IV, 1995, by Nerys Johnson

October - December 2006: The Gallery, Ruthin Craft Centre, showed a selection of works from 1992 to 2001. It was a fitting location, as Nerys was born in Colwyn Bay and some members of her family still live in North Wales.

March - April 2006: Harley Gallery, near Worksop. The location was partly chosen because Nerys spent her teenage years in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, so the exhibition allowed people who knew her locally, and as an exhibitor with the Mansfield Society of Artists, to see how her early talent had developed.

June -July 2005: Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate, showed a selection of Nerys' work from the 1970s onwards, following a previous show there in 2004 (see below). The exhibition included landscape paintings; work painted during trips to Venice, and other paintings of flowers and plants. Its title, 'Moments of Being', was taken from the title of a touring exhibition which Nerys devised and selected for the South Bank/Arts Council tour, in 1988.

June - September 2004: a group of late paintings was included in the exhibition, 'The Glory of the Garden: Flowers and Gardens in Art' at the Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate. The exhibition showed works on the theme of flowers and gardens, representing the nation in 'Europe in Bloom 2004'.

September - October 2003: DLI Museum & Art Gallery, Durham, showed works that Nerys painted near the end of her life, thus named 'Nerys Johnson: the last year'.

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