Flowers in black & white

Sunflower wrapped in chiffon, 1966 Untitled: gladioli, 1978 Untitled: gladioli, 1978 Autumn Tangle, 1990 Fallow, 1991
Autumn in-curve, 1992 Sunflower Trinity, 1993 Tulip bud, mid-1970s Untitled: Lily, sunflower and eryngium on pink, 1998 Gladioli and Lilies, 1979
Tulips and irises, 1980 Lilies and gladioli, 1993 Lily: full frontal, 1993 Sunflower (full frontal) 1972 Tiger lilies, 1981

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Nerys was drawn to flowers for their colours, but she also explored their lines and shapes in black and white. In the early 1990s, in particular, she applied herself to drawing, and for a time exhibited mainly large, energetic charcoal drawings of tangled vegetation and flowers. Whether using charcoal, burin on an etching plate, ink and brush or quill pen, drawing was always an intensely expressive activity, as well as an important discipline. Bold black lines were sometimes applied to colour paintings, seemingly to enhance a composition which had veered too close to prettiness. Working in black and white often alternated with work in colour, forming an integral part of the process of exploration and discovery at the heart of Nerys' art.

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